Live Sessions will be in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg), or once a month close to munich (I will let you know, when there are free spaces)                                     or please book an online Soul,-or Breathwork session!

For booking write me please:



Intuitive life couching

Energy healing

Breathwork / Trance / Movement

Sound Healing

Shamanic healing & ancestral clearing


Women's Health / in harmony with the moon

(cycle problems, life without hormones, desire to have children, pregnancy / breastfeeding)




I adapt the session individually and will gladly work out a plan for you at the first meeting


(Prices after individual arrangement)




Sound is one of the most beautiful and direct tools to bring us out of our head, into our body and into contact with our deepest essence. Regina creates a sound carpet of spherical sounds, rhythm, voice and medicine songs that take you on a journey to other dimensions, the worlds of your visions, your dreams, your deepest source. When the cells of the body vibrate and oscillate, when we perceive life itself as spontaneous self-expression, without will, without concepts, in pure being then healing occurs. We are connected inside and outside, the separation dissolves, very gently and magically.



Regina's Breathwork Sessions are a deep journey to yourself. We breathe 'conscious connected Breath', a breathing technique that combines holotropic breathing and rebirthing and has been developed from these techniques to enable a gentle yet very intense, self-directed journey that takes you into expanded, altered states of  consciousness. Safe, gentle and as far as it is right for you today. Breath is a very powerful tool that can release traumas stuck in the body. Regina is building a space that is safe, where you can let go and allow yourself to do what is right and beneficial for you. Every journey is different. Often we have very intense spiritual experiences, sometimes we come in contact with deep feelings that we have repressed or split off, we can give them space, let them be there and integrate them. After the session you are refreshed, strengthened, in contact with yourself, with your true self. The veil lifts, we are clear, conscious, in deep contact with our heart. On a physical level you strengthen your immune system, supply yourself with lots of oxygen, which revitalizes and rejuvenates your cells and brings your brain chemistry into a healthy, balanced state.

Breathwork is not recommended for epilepsy, schizophrenia, heavy medication, heart problems and pregnancy.

You are welcome to join in, Regina gives very clear options and techniques that work more gently and which you follow on your own responsibility. If you are uncertain, please write to

Art & Healing



For me Healing is ART, and ART is HEALING. So I will share my creative process with you and I would be more than happy to support you to unlock your creative potential. There can be singing, voice healing, dance-movement, painting and free writing.