The Soul Journey

coaching & inner journey


What is my Soul Purpose and what stands in the way to live it happily and successfully? Learn tools to stay close to yourself even when things get stressful, to feel good physically, to know what you need and where you want your life to go.


A Circle of women is a very strong and blissful container, to reveal you innermost self as a women. I would love to hold and inspire you!



The Magic of breath

2404.2021 10am - 11.00am

Breathwork Session & guided meditation. For more information klick here

The Breath Journey

14.04.2021 7pm - 8.30pm

 Breathwork Session & Dream-Journey



An intensive journey to yourself, into the world of your dreams and visions. Healing, clarifying and liberating!


after a guided deep trance/travel/meditation I will accompany you during a 30 min. breath work session. 

Afterwards there is space to share experiences and space to connect.



If you want to join in please send a mail to


15,-€ / 12,-€ (with discount) 

Monthly Masterclass Vol.2

16.04.2021 5.30am - 7.30pm

For more Information and booking kick here

Monthly Yin

01.05. 5pm-6.30pm

For more Information and booking kick here

Detox your body mind and spirit

08.05.2021 9.30am-11.30am

The perfect spring detox! This is a workshop series, but every workshops works for his own.

More infos here