About Regina Gambarte


Follow your heart

I would love to share with you what my heart calling is about. 

I would love to share with you the tools that helped myself, becoming more me, feeling more free and at least to heal. I would love to share my life purpose with you - to letting my light shine by full pleasure.

So if you want to join, here are some offerings or please reach out to me.

With Love Regina


my journey

follow your heart


The greatest gift in my life is that I became a mother at a very early age, so whenI was 17 years old, I intuitively gave birth to my first son, following the path of natural birth under the guidance of a wonderful midwife and healer, who comes from the tradition of the Hawaiian shamans. She taught me to listen to my body, to see all natural processes as a way to grow in harmony, to generate and heal. 

As a matter of course I breastfed, carried my son on my body, let him sleep with me. All things which are today again felt as right and necessary and which serve women as support. The old knowledge...

At some point I noticed that it is very easy for me to always find the right homeopathic remedies and medicinal plants for me and my son.

I thought my way is art, painting and music have always fulfilled me and always will.

But the urge to dive into the depths of the human body and psyche finally led me, at the age of 24, to graduate as a naturopath for body and psyche. Especially exciting for me at that time was the discovery of breathing therapy, which gave me the first consciously experienced consciousness expanding experiences when I was pregnant with my 2nd son.

It was a great pleasure for me to be taught by an alternative practitioner and friend, and we had fun, because I always knew the means for the patients, "saw" what was energetically going on, and I was allowed to learn to use and apply my talents in a very practical way. It was with him that I first came into contact with Chinese medicine and working with homeopathic high potencies  - a very energetic field. 

My love for Taoism, the meridian system and the combination of Bach flowers, Chinese elemental teachings and movement have accompanied me since my first contact and have shaped many parts of my work.

The other side of my very open system are no boundaries and I had to realize painfully that I can only work with people if I learn to respect my boundaries.

Then yoga came into my life. I started with the 5 Tibetans after the birth of my 2nd son, later I came to Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga via a Shivananda Yoga detour. I am super happy that after many years of powerful, often very masculine yoga, I was able to discover Yin Yoga and combined with the healing Tao

I developed a completely new, independent healing concept, which is valuable for diagnosis as well as for healing on all levels.

For 11 years I ran a large yoga studio in Munich and trained and accompanied at least 200 students on their way to becoming yoga teachers.

Vedic Tantrism is the philosophical foundation of my work and meditation is the most wonderful medium to live life with clear consciousness, with all its ups and downs always observing, knowing and flowing. Working as a yoga teacher and accompanying so many women on their way,

I soon realized that I have a "mission".  To strengthen women, to remind them of the ancient knowledge and 

to accompany them back to their very own, precious power of femininity. My soul sessions have developed from this.

My intuition, 25 years of my own growth and healing path, my favorite tool the breath, the energy of my hands and above all the grace to put myself into service, to be an instrument for healing and unconditional love are the framework for my work.  Since 10 years I like to work with Plant Medicine, Mother Ayahuasca has given me healing, wisdom and access to the spirits in the most benevolent way, opened my heart and allowed me no way out, not to follow my heart anymore.

Yes, and now I invite you to follow your heart, to hear its sound, to listen to it and to have the courage to trust it. Gladly I support you in this!

When we know what the deepest meaning of our soul is in this life, we recognize the way clearly and effortlessly, carried and full of trust.

I am deeply grateful to all teachers, masters and healers, especially my sons and companions for this gift, a life towards absolute freedom.

tantric teacher helped me to find my soul purpose and to formulate it, I am happy to support you in finding yours.


Let your light shine by full pleasure